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Zee News Removes Defamatory Remarks Against Khalsa Aid International

5 April 2021 9:50 AM GMT
Zee News Removes Defamatory Remarks Against Khalsa Aid International

Khalsa Aid International legal counsel Mr Karan S.Thukral, recently served a Legal Notice to the renowned news channel through its Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Zee News Corporation Ltd.

The Legal Notice was directed towards Zee news Corporation seeking a withdrawal of the defamatory remarks and immediate removal of the unauthenticated statements made against the General Secretary of Khalsa Aid, namely Mrs Bal K Sandhu.

Karan S. Thukral's Law office informed that an article was published in the columns of 'Zee News India' on the 31st of January, 2021. The article contained false, frivolous, and vexatious statements which were derogatory and belittling to their client. The article allegedly referred to Mrs Bal K Sandhu, the General Secretary of Khalsa Aid International, stating that she along with her husband is running a huge syndicate for extorting money, which is false and baseless carving a clear-cut case of defamation.

Zee News in its reply to the above iterated legal notice, revealed that it never intended to cause damage or harm to anybody's reputation. In addition to this, the channel also agreed to and has in-fact modified the article published in its columns to the extent of deleting and removing the defamatory contents and remarks against Mrs. Bal K Sandhu in its entirety.

It was disclosed that Mr.Ravi Singh and his wife Mrs.Bal K Sandhu have been severely stressed by the speculative, insulting, defamatory and libelous statements published against them which caused them severe mental trauma. However, the immediate action taken by Mr.Karan S.Thukral brought a sigh of relief to the international organization from being indicted of the fabricated and baseless allegations published by the news channel.

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