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Thukral Law Associates Collaborates With Cyprus Based International Law Firm Antonis Paschalides & Co LLC.

13 Jan 2021 5:12 AM GMT
Thukral Law Associates Collaborates With Cyprus Based International Law Firm Antonis Paschalides

The Law Office of Karan S.Thukral has recently signed an 'Agreement of Co-operation' with Antonis Paschalides & Co. LLC in the capacity of foreign International Partner for all legal services primarily aimed at immigration. The Cyprus-based Law firm has been providing legal services on a local and international level since the past 40 years.

With the recent developments in Cyprus economy and various decisions of the Republic's Council of Ministers, the firm has acquired great experience in advising international clients for migration matters; especially foreign investors regarding the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship or the issuance of a permanent residency permit in the Republic of Cyprus.

Thukral Law Associates exclusively deals in citizenship matters, immigration issues for clients from more than 25 countries across the globe and have a distinct branch working towards this aspect namely 'Thukral Global Immigrations'. The firm works completely under the umbrella of 'Thukral Law Associates' representing the Law office of Mr.Karan S.Thukral, Advocate. Besides providing assistance in immigration and citizenship matters, the firms' core service areas revolve around Real Estate, Litigation, Family Laws, inheritance, and succession. The reputation of the firm has allowed it to work in cross-border clientele alongside some of the biggest international law firms exposing to some of the most impressive legal representations.

The said Collaboration is aimed at providing efficient and cost-effective services to international clients, particularly those who are having origins in countries other than India and are faced with problems pertaining to documentation, access to local services, cultural differences, etcetera in their native countries. The focus remains on delivering the best of legal services to international communities by utilizing the pool of expertise and diversified practice areas of the International Associates.

The association is also envisioned to provide individuals and Business personals who are looking for new and lucrative investment opportunities in Cyprus, with a one-stop platform for all their queries and consultation related to immigration and setting up of businesses. The Law office of Karan S. Thukral is continually working towards making the complete process of immigration, a trouble-free experience for its clients. Apart from providing active advice, the collaboration is expected to smooth out any check in the process of obtaining Cypriot citizenship by providing assistance at every step.

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