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RGNUL Organizes International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Law [11-12 November 2022]

14 Nov 2022 8:13 AM GMT
RGNUL Organizes International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Law [11-12 November 2022]

The Centre for Business Laws and Taxation (CBLT) Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab organized two-day international conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (November 11-12, 2022). Prof. (Dr.) Anand Pawar, Registrar, RGNUL delivered the Presidential address during the inaugural session held at the university campus. He foregrounded the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare, education and law. Prof. Pawar also underlined the need to evolve national strategy for dealing with Artificial Intelligence.Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor of Law & Organizing Secretary introduced the theme of the conference. He emphasized that pitfalls stemming from ubiquitous AI and increased automation should be ethically controlled. Prof. (Dr.) Bharat H. Desai, Jawaharlal Nehru University, remarked, "Rapid development of technology, strategic AI and digital warfare necessitate vital changes in International Humanitarian Law."

The 2-day conference witnessed deliberations on various issues including Artificial intelligence in modern warfare like Russia-Ukraine conflict; Regulation of Big Data; use and regulation of artificial intelligence in health sector; interface of artificial intelligence with intellectual property rights; and use of Artificial intelligence vis-à-vis Forensic Criminalistics and Criminal Justice System. Adv. Prashant Roy and Adv. Roop Loomba, also provided new insights on artificial intelligence and law. While unravelling the multilayers of risk permeating in various sectors due to AI, they underscored implementation of effective rules to check the cataclysmic consequences. 50 papers were presented by participants from different institutes.

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