Chandigarh Consumer Forum Penalises 'Bata' For Charging Rs.3 For Carry Bag [Read Order]

Chandigarh Consumer Forum Penalises Bata For Charging Rs.3 For Carry Bag [Read Order]BATA

Provide free carry bags to all customers forthwith who purchase articles from its Shop and stop unfair trade practice i.e. to charge for carry bag, Consumer Forum told Bata.

Chandigarh District Consumer forum pulled up the renowned footwear and apparels manufacturer "Bata" for indulging in unfair trade practice by charging the consumer for the carry bag bearing its advertisement.

Dinesh Prashad Raturi had purchased a pair of shoes from a Bata shop, for Rs.399. An extra charge of Rs.3 for the carry bag was levied from him. He filed a complaint before Chandigarh Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and submitted that the paper carry bag provided was bearing the advertisement of the shop, "Bata" and he had no intention to purchase the carry bag. He complained of being used as an advertisement agent by 'Bata' at his cost and this amounted to unfair trade practice.

Agreeing with Dinesh, the Consumer Forum comprised of the President, Rattan Singh Thakur and two members, Surejeet Kaur and Suresh Kumar Sardana observed that the advertisement of the company printed on the carry bag is stylish in nature and used the consumer as the advertising agent of the opposite party. It said:

"We had also a glance to the carry bag which is annexed with the consumer complaint in which advertisement of Bata Company was being published as it has been printed in red words " Bata Surprisingly Stylish" which shows that Bata Company is stylish in nature and used the consumer as if he is the advertisement agent of Opposite Party. The purchase of the item along with sale of carry bag is not disputed as per statement put forth by opposite Party"

By employing Unfair Trade Practice, Bata is minting lot of money from all customers, said the forum.

The forum while allowing the complaint to succeed directed Bata to provide free carry bags to all the customers who purchase articles from its shop and to refund Rs.3 to Dinesh who was wrongly charged for the carry bag. In addition, the forum also directed Bata to pay Rs 3000 as compensation and Rs 1000 towards the litigation expense, to the complainant.

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