Fire In Delhi HC, None Injured

Fire In Delhi HC, None Injured

A fire broke out in the Lawyers' canteen inside the Delhi High Court during the lunch hour on Saturday.

The fire started at about 1:30 PM in the kitchen of the canteen which is right opposite the old chamber block and leads into the main court building.

The canteen is open for lawyers only and for outsiders if accompanied by a lawyer. No loss of life or injury to anyone has been reported.

The fire was brought under control promptly since it posed the risk of blast of LPG cylinders in the kitchen.

A lawyer who was having lunch in the canteen when the incident happened told on the condition of anonymity that, "the fire started in the kitchen and it was the gas cylinder that had caught fire. All the people in the canteen were told to rush out. I also rushed out as smoke had started to fill in the canteen.'

"Almost as soon as we came out of the canteen and reached safety, we saw fire tenders at work and the fire was brought under control in about 20 minutes," shares the advocate.

A clerk of one of the lawyers in the high court said it was a minor fire.

"The kitchen of the canteen has been completely damaged. The remaining seating area is not affected," said he.