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Karnataka HC Condemns Threats Made Against Senior Advocate; Madhukar Angur Apologizes For Acts Of His 'Followers'

Mustafa Plumber
3 Feb 2023 10:11 AM GMT
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The Karnataka High Court on Friday took strong exception to threats given to Senior Advocate M S Shyam Sundar, who is representing M/s Alliance University which has filed a petition in the court seeking to cancel the bail granted to former Chancellor of Alliance University Madhukar G Angur, who came to be arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in an alleged money laundering case.

A single judge bench of Justice V Srishananda said “This court has got a tradition/culture, you are trying to spoil that. A responsible member of the bar is making allegations against you. This was unheard of in Karnataka.”

Senior Advocate Sundar had filed a personal affidavit before the court narrating that he had seen some rowdy elements outside his house and even his lady colleague was stalked by someone.

Taking serious note of this, the court directed the personal presence of the respondent before the court. The bench orally said, “The order (granting bail) which we passed was celebrated across the country, the view taken by this court was opposite to the view taken by the Division bench of the Delhi High Court. We applied our mind and a lot of midnight oil was burnt, to write an order in your favour. Taking note of all factual aspects and also keeping in mind the personal liberty as enshrined in Article 21 of Constitution of India, vis-a-vis the provisions of PMLA which are very stringent.”

It added, “How can you send your rowdy elements to him? Don’t try to threaten anybody here, even if you put your hand in the nest of a sparrow, the sparrow knows that it will die in a moment but it will scratch you and then die, such is the power given by god to every living being.”

“All this must be stopped straight away. Tender apology for whatever that has happened. You may be a big man but that makes no difference to this court, this court does not go by all those considerations. What is considered before this court is the merits of the case, not a single thing beyond that", the bench told the respondent.

After the Court's outburst, a written unconditional apology was tendered to the court.

In its order, the court recorded “An unprecedented submission is made by Sr Advocate M S Shyam Sundar stating that some anti-social elements have appeared in front of his house and there is a threat. Such activities are per se condemnable in the strongest voice. It is also submitted that the lady colleague of Shyamsunder was stalked by some people purportedly on behalf of R1.”

Further it said “The allegations were obviously refuted by Madhukar Angur. Nevertheless he pleaded regretful for the alleged incident though not at his instance. He assured the court that he is a law abiding citizen and will continue to be law abiding in future as well and knowingly or unknowingly if any of his followers have engaged in such activities, he feels apologetic to the same and he has tendered unconditional written apology.”

Accordingly it added “In order to maintain the harmony and to facilitate the matter to be heard on merits, this court accepts the unconditional apology tendered by Madhukar Angur and placed the same on record.”

It opined “This court is also of the opinion that the unconditional apology taken on record would quell the apprehensions raised by M S Shyamsunder Senior advocate on his behalf and on behalf of the lady colleague as well. However, it is made clear that any such incident occurring in future this court would not mind taking strictest action possible in the facts and circumstances of the case".

Th matter is next posted for hearing on March 1.


Case No: CRL.P 10606/2022

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