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Plea Moved In Delhi HC Seeking Usage of A4 Size Paper And Both Side Printing For All Courts In Delhi

Karan Tripathi
3 Nov 2020 8:59 AM GMT
Plea Moved In Delhi HC Seeking Usage of A4 Size Paper And Both Side Printing For All Courts In Delhi

A plea has been moved in the Delhi High Court seeking usage of A4 size paper and both side printing for all purposes in the High Court as well as all the subordinate courts in Delhi.

Filed by Akriti Agarwal and Lakshya Purohit, the petition highlights that both the Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court have passed the similar directions for the usage of A4 size paper for all the pleadings before them.

The petition states that:

'It is an undeniable fact that currently in most judicial & quasi-judicial bodies functional in India, an exclusively designed size of paper namely the Foolscap/Legal Size Paper is being used for pleadings. However, in some high courts, district courts and quasi-judicial bodies, an indefinite combination of both Foolscap/Legal Size Paper and A4 Size Paper are being used. This disorganized and unreasonable practice of using different papers at different places is not just creating hindrance for people in accessing justice both inside and outside the courts, but it also renders the entire legal system non-uniform and arbitrary.'

It is the case of the Petitioners that the lack of uniformity on usage of A4 size papers among the courts in Delhi has created accessibility barriers which violates the principle of equality before law, as enshrined under Article 14 of the Constitution.

It is also pointed out by the Petitioners that they have already made a request, through a letter dated 04.03.2020, to the Respondent to issue direction for usage of A4 Size sheets and double side printing in the High Court of Delhi and in all its subordinate courts but no action has been taken to implement the same till date.

The Petitioners argue that:

'the usage of single side printing of legal size paper/Foolscap paper in comparison to double side printing of A4 Size Paper is detrimental to the health of our environment as there would be more cutting of trees, more wastage of paper and more degradation of the environment. To prevent such serious damage to the environment, it is necessary and emergent to mandate the usage of the A4 Size Paper in this Hon'ble Court and in all its subordinate courts.'

The present petition is filed through Advocate Paras Jain.

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