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Friend Of The Court: Cauvery River Water Dispute: Part 1

21 Nov 2022 4:42 AM GMT
Friend Of The Court: Cauvery River Water Dispute: Part 1

Episode description: The Cauvery river, which flows through the Southern peninsula has long been the site of disagreements and negotiations. The dispute initially takes off in the 1800s when the princely state of Mysore and Presidency of Madras both lay claim to the river. With new dam building technologies, each side tries to best harness the waters to their ends. Eventually the two sides reach agreements—first in 1892 and later in 1924. The 1924 agreement seems to give one side the upper hand. After Independence, the end of the agreement approaches in 1974, the dispute starts to flare up again. Enmeshed as it is in linguistic identity politics, livelihood issues and electoral politics, the dispute continues to catch fire through the decades.

Show notes

Host: Raghu Karnad

Guest speakers in this episode include: AS Panneerselvam, KK Lahiri, Sharad Javali, Sugata Srinivasaraju

Research and Writing:

Research Manager: Ramya Boddupalli

Legal Researcher: Vipinn Mittaal

Scriptwriter: Ramya Boddupalli

Script editor: Bhavya Dore

Fact checker: Vipinn Mittaal

Advisors: Lawrence Liang, Ranvir Singh, Shyam Divan and Vivek Divan


Head of Production: Shaun Fanthome

Creative Director: Mae Mariyam Thomas

Production Assistant: Sakshi Nair

Sound Design & Mix: Kartik Kulkarni

Sound Editor & Music Supervisor: Lakshman Parsuram

Graphic Designer: Sephin Alexander


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