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Friend Of The Court: Episode 2; Jain Hawala Diaries: Part 2

7 Nov 2022 5:43 AM GMT
Friend Of The Court: Episode 2; Jain Hawala Diaries: Part 2

The CBI's investigation into the mysterious set of diaries has stalled, despite evidence of widespread corruption among top politicians and bureaucrats. Public-spirited citizens decide it is time to act. Journalist Vineet Narain picks up the story again and makes it a national issue through his video platform. Senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani joins the crusade. Anil Divan, a formidable lawyer is approached to take on the public interest litigation, a first-of-its-kind corruption petition. The petitioners want the court to push the CBI to investigate, given the evidence it has. Divan is sceptical about the outcome, but comes on board. The first phase of the litigation plays out.

Host: Raghu Karnad

Research and Writing:

Research Manager: Ramya Boddupalli

Legal Researcher: Uday Vir Garg & Vipinn Mittaal

Scriptwriter: Ramya Boddupalli

Script editor: Bhavya Dore

Fact checker: Vipinn Mittaal

Advisors: Lawrence Liang, Ranvir Singh, Shyam Divan and Vivek Divan


Head of Production: Shaun Fanthome

Creative Director: Mae Mariyam Thomas

Producer: Abbas Momin

Producer/Sound Editor: Joshua Thomas

Production Assistant: Sakshi Nair

Sound Design & Mix: Kartik Kulkarni

Graphic Designer: Sephin Alexander

Show notes

Guest speakers in this episode include:

  1. Abani Sahu
  2. Ashok Kumar Panda
  3. Kamini Jaiswal
  4. Justice Mukul Mudgal
  5. Prashant Bhushan
  6. Sanjay Kapoor
  7. Shantonu Sen.


The full transcript and list of resources can be found here:

An Anil Divan Foundation Initiative

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