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Frivolous Cases Taking Judges' Time From Matters Of National Importance, Says Justice Chandrachud

Radhika Roy
1 Jun 2021 7:19 AM GMT
Justice DY Chandrachud, Madhya Pradesh High Court, Chief Justice Mohammad Rafiq, VC Hearings, Poor Connectivity, Inferior Audio-Video Quality,

Supreme Court judge Justice DY Chandrachud on Tuesday said that 95% of the cases brought before the vacation bench are "frivolous", which were taking away judges' time and attention from cases of national importance.

The observations were made by Justice Chandrachud at two instances as the Court refused to entertain the petitions that had been filed on the grounds that they were frivolous.

Even as the lawyer appearing before him insisted to be heard, Justice Chandrachud said, "We should not encourage this. Out of all the matters that we have before us, 95% of them are frivolous, including this one. All of this time could be devoted to more important issues".

He continued that the system was becoming dysfunctional because of the frivolous matters.

"We wanted to upload the Suo Moto COVID order today, but were unable to do so. Please respect the sanctity of the institution. This wastes the time of the Court and suggests that Judges have a lot of time. This is also the taxpayers' money that you are wasting", stated Justice Chandrachud.

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