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Justice Arun Mishra Bids Farewell; Says 'I Have Dealt With Every Case With My Conscience & Conviction '

2 Sep 2020 8:48 AM GMT
Justice Arun Mishra Bids Farewell; Says
Justice Arun Mishra

Justice Arun Mishra, on his last working day as a judge of the Supreme Court of India, bid farewell to the court and the bar, while sharing the bench with the Chief Justice of India as is the convention.

He said that he has dealt with every case with his conscience and thanked his colleagues and the bar for all the support.

"I have dealt with every case with my conscience and took every decision with conviction", he said.

He added that his judgments may be analyzed but urged that they should not be given any particular colour.

"Analyse every judgment but don't give them this colour or that colour", he said.

He affirmed that the bar was the source of his strength and power.

"I always tried to borrow the weapon of power given to me by my learned brothers. All of you were the power behind whatever I have done.I have learned so much from the members of the Bar", he said.

Justice Mishra also said that sometimes he has been harsh in his conduct and expressed apology for any hurt caused.

"I have often used harsh words. If I have hurt anyone in my life, please pardon me", he said.

Justice Arun Mishra an "iron judge", says AG

Speaking at the ceremonial address, Attorney General K K Venugopal described Justice Arun Mishra as "an iron judge of the SC".

The AG began his address by saying that Justice Mishra deserved a physical farewell with several advocates of the SC being physically present but on account of the pandemic it had to be done virtually.

The AG recalled that he had a long personal bond with Justice Mishra, dating back to the days when Justice Mishra was the Chairman of the Bar Council of India in 1999.

"I have not seen in the Supreme Court a judge so firm and unshakeable. I would describe him as an iron judge of the Supreme Court", Attorney General said.

He added that Justice Mishra has delivered many significant judgments, some of them being "earth-shattering".

Referring to the Prashant Bhushan contempt case, the AG said "Personally, I would have been happy if no punishment was imposed". But he added that the judgment has laid down the law on contempt elaborately which will be a subject matter of debate.

The AG further expressed the hope that Justice Mishra remains in Delhi.

"He will have a very useful role to play in future also. I wish him all the best", the AG said.

A beacon of courage, says CJI Bobde

Chief Justice of India, S A Bobde, said that Justice Mishra has been a "beacon of light", "beacon of courage" and "beacon of fortitude" even in the face of all adversities.

"Justice Mishra is leaving behind a legacy of hard work, erudition, great courage and fortitude", the CJI said.

CJI Bobde said that he was aware of the great difficulties which Justice Arun Mishra had to face on the personal front and despite that he carried on his duties.

Earlier, Justice Mishra had declined the invitations of the Supreme Court Bar Association and the Confederation of the Indian Bar to attend farewell functions saying that that his conscience does not allow him to attend any farewell functions at a time when there is suffering around the world on account of the COVID-19 situation.

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