Five Additional Judges Appointed In Calcutta HC

Five Additional Judges Appointed In Calcutta HC

The President of India has appointed Saugata Bhattacharyya, Manojit Mandal, Tirthankar Ghosh, Sh Hiranmay Bhattacharyya and Md. Nizamuddin as Additional Judges of Calcutta High Court.

Except Manojit Mandal whose charge is till 26th September 2020, all others have been appointed for two years.

Names of Saugata Bhattacharyya, along with that of Aniruddha Roy and Judicial Officer Suvra Ghosh, were recommended by the Collegium on October 24, 2018. Aniruddha Roy has not been appointed yet, while Suvra Ghosh was appointed in November, last year.

Tirthankar Ghosh and Hiranmay Bhattacharyya were recommended by the Collegium on 4th December, last year.

On January 16th, the Collegium recommended names of Sandipan Ganguly, Advocate and Manojit Mondal. However, Ganguly has not been appointed yet.

Nizammuddin was first recommended for elevation in early 2016, along with several other names. While all the others were appointed to the bench, the Centre withheld his candidature for a long time. The SC Collegium reiterated his name again in November 2016 and April 2017.

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