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Law Firms Neither Competent Nor Authorised To File Vakalatnama: Bar Council Of Delhi Clarifies

Law firms are neither competent nor authorised to file Vakalatnama before any court, tribunal or authority, in arbitration or any other proceedings, the Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) has clarified.

The clarification dated November 11, 2018 has been issued in view of the contemporary practice following by law firms, where they file Vakalatnamas in the firm’s name. Axing the practice, the clarification now asserts that if such a Vakalatnama is signed by a law firm and not an advocate, it “should not be entertained or accepted.”

BCD further clarified that every Vakalatnama has to be “duly signed by an advocate, mentioning his/her name, along with enrolment number, and must be affixed with the welfare stamp of requisite value as being mandatory, without which the Vakalatnama cannot be accepted.”

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  • SHASHIN D. DESAI says:

    Very Nice And Informative.

  • Jitendrakumarsahu says:

    The latest family Court decision of highcourt &supreme Courjitendrat, or any familiar Court

  • Raghavan Sarathy says:

    A law firm is invariably a partnership firm and is not a body corporate and hence not distinct from it’s partners .Right to association is guaranteed under the Constitution of India .so is the right to carry on any profession or calling such a stand by the Delhi Bar council will not stand the test of Law .Delhi Bar Council should reconsider it’s stand in the interest of the Advocates who are the members of the council .

  • Anahat Hulyalkar says:

    I hope other State Bar Councils should follow suit. The views of BCI are important. The concept of AOR should also be abolished. Any Advocate should be empowered to file Vakalatnama in any Matter in any Court.

  • Manish says:

    Can law firms be AORs or Insolvency professionals ?

  • Raj Kumar says:

    Bar council of Delhi must request for financial grant for the welfare of Bar and its members